TOP 10 Halloween Online Slots To Play On Slotto In 2018!

We’re pumpkin picking which means one thing… Halloween Season! In October, there are 6 different kinds of slot characters that come out to play at Halloween, are you daring enough to take the quick quiz and see who you are?

Take The Quiz: Which kind of slot character are you at Halloween?

It’s October 31st and Halloween is officially here! You’re planning a party and you want it to be epic and scare your guests since it’s halloween, which text would you send them to convince them your house is truly haunted?

1. You’ll never guess what I just saw! My furniture started to float around my room and it always get chilly at midnight so you’s will definitely see something spooky happen!

2. Oh my god, my mum said our house was built on top of an old graveyard so I’m convinced this house is haunted, who knows how many skeletons are underneath this house…

3. Guys! I’ve just woke up and it looks like I have been bitten as there’s sharp teeth marks left in my arm, i’m placing garlic cloves around the house as we speak!

4. Everytime I walk past my black cat, something bad happens…

5. I didn’t realise until today how gothic my room is starting to look, the further the days draw on, the more gloomier it looks. Something’s not right here!

6. An exterminator has just been to the house and said it’s infested in spiders! I really hope there’s no poisonous ones!

Which number did you choose?

1 = Ghostbusters! 2 = Day Of The Dead

3 = Count Duckula 4 = Halloween Riches

5 = Ooh Aah Dracula 6 = Black Widow

Well no matter which slot you got, everyone still loves some aspect of halloween right!? So why not play on Slotto this Halloween to see if you’ll get any tricks or treats this year! Here are the top 10 Halloween Games you should try out this spooktacular month!

Count Duckula - Do you have a passion for discoveries?

Through the old whimpered trees and into the dark gloomy skies lies the haunted Castle Duckula, Do you dare enter the castle to see what huge cash prizes you could take home? Our Duckula online slot game provides all the halloween vibes you need to get that spooktacular feeling this season! Trace back history within the ancient castle duckula to discover useful, core symbols to retrieve hidden treasure. Remember! It’s only for the brave!

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Red Hot Devil - Enter the pit of hell

Enter the lair of the Red Hot Devil online slot game! With scorching bonus features to keep you fired up! With colossal amounts of cash prizes on the cards, will you leave the Red Hot Devil richer than you came in? Play this halloween to prove you’re not afraid!

Halloween Riches

We’re passing the unlucky black cat, the unnerving spiders and even the terrifying skeletons on the Halloween Riches online slot game, all of these scary symbols attribute to dark tale of Halloween Riches. This slot game is filled with your classic characters and carries spooky bonus features that will make you question your own fortune! Take home the riches today!

Who are you gonna call… Ghostbusters!

The ghostbusters are back to reunite you with an online slot game that will blow the ghosts away this halloween! With paranormal payouts and the gang back together, you’ll be able to accomplish anything! Can you solve the suspicious ghost mystery? Play this online slot game today and see some of our familiar face symbols to help you put the clues together!

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Dr Frantic and the Monster Spins - Go on, catch’em!

Visit Dr Frantic’s laboratory to unleash the scary monsters along the way, be aware of your surroundings at all times this halloween as huge cash prizes are up for grabs! Trick or Treat? Well, this game is certainly working towards an treat with the bonuses it has planned. Spin your way into a world of discoveries this halloween and you could walk away with BIG cash!

Ooh Aah Dracula

Sink your teeth into this 5 reel, 10 line slot game this halloween season! We don’t fail to entertain as our Dracula has got ghostly features prepared to make you feel frightful while you’re trying to find the hidden cash prizes within the ancient ruins of the castle. The graveyard bonus and pumping heart attack bonus is just two of many special bonuses to spook you out this halloween as after all, that’s what it’s all about? Play if you dare!


What’s Halloween without entering the haunted online slot game? Meet the horrifying monsters like our evil ghosts, bloody sucking draculas and many more as you spin the reels to match the symbols. Will you get out of this haunted game alive? Play today and see if you are brave enough to master this scary online slot game!

Day Of The Dead - Is it festival season or Halloween?

Our spooky skeletons are dressed up for this halloween occasion to play the Day Of The Dead online slot game! This slot game is surprisingly filled with different colours but we’re not entirely sure if they're trying to catch you off guard (as our skeletons are known to do that!), with floaty senorita dresses you’ll not feel as intimidated but is this all a test? With huge cash prizes to be won, you’ll be dying to play Day Of The Dead today!

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Black Widow

Keep your eyes open at all times as one blink and you could be next! Experience the lure of the Black Widow online slot game and make a fierce killing. You’ll be caught up in a web of different bonus features along the way, watch as your wins grow with each capture, you could make a killing! The real question is… can you step up to the mission?

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Dr Jekyll Goes Wild

You’ll be wild and roaring to go this halloween and play the Dr Jekyll Goes Wild online slot game! Step onto the abandoned streets this october to inspect the danger and get to the bottom of the mystery! Become immersed in the classic storyline of Dr Jekyll and Hyde, use intriguing bonus features as you go to unlock free spins and win enormous cash prizes! Play today and get that Halloween energy in your bones!

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