Zeus God of Thunder

This Ancient Gladiator-themed slot is fit for a god due to fantastic gameplay and a wide selection of features. Get your head out of the clouds because there’s money to be won here ladies and gents. With up to 100 free games and a colossal amount of credits available, not to mention the 5 level jackpots, this online slot game is a real herculean feast.




Min Bet


Max Bet

Bonus: Wheel Feature, Jackpots Feature, Wild Spin, Free Spins

About Zeus God Of Thunder Slot

In this online slot a special background will appear behind the reel symbols. If the said background lines up behind 3 or more symbols consecutively in the same row then you will activate the wheel spin feature.

Zeus God of Thunder slot Buttons

Click the plus and minus arrows to increase or decrease your bet and the value of the lines you want to play.

Bonus Active/Bonus Inactive
Two slabs will appear on the game screen. One will illuminate when a bonus is active.

Select the ‘Autoplay’ button to access the autoplay settings. Once here you can determine how many spins you wish to play. You can also set limits. To stop this function simply click ‘Stop’.

Select the ‘Spin’ button to spin the reels and begin the game.

Zeus God of Thunder Online Slot Features

Wheel Feature
This online slot game has a range of different features to help you win big. The Wheel Feature can be triggered when it lines up behind 3 or more symbols in the same row consecutively. The number of consecutive backgrounds (3,4 or 5 across) will decide which one of the three wheels you will get access to. Each wheel features a selection of segments that can award a Free Spins Bonus or a Jackpot.

Jackpot Feature
There are a range of Jackpot varieties. Each Jackpot will depend what size wheel you have landed on. The 3-in-a-row wheel can only grant you mini and minor jackpots. The next level up, which is the 4-in-a-row wheel can grant minor and major jackpots. The the big bucks, the 5 wheel can grant major, mega and grand jackpots.

Wild Spin Bonus
This online slot also has a Wild Spin Bonus, which does exactly what it says on the tin. You’ll get one free spin with a random number of wilds attached to the reels. The amount of wilds added to that specific spin will depend on which wheel triggered the feature. From the 3 wheel you can receive up to 5 random wilds, up to 6 from the 4 wheel and up to 7 from the 5 wheel.

Free Spins Bonus
It’s free spins galore with Zeus God of Thunder because you can also get a Free Spins Bonus where another set of reels comes into play. As above, the number of Free Spins awarded will be dependant on which wheel awards the feature. For example, the 3 wheel will award 7 Free Spins, the 4 wheel will award you 12 Free Spins, and the 5 wheel will award you a massive 50 Free Spins, meaning there’s 100 Free Spins on offer in total.