Winstar is a classic online slot with excellent features including the Mystery Symbol. The main feature here is the Jackpot King Progressive feature.




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Max Bet

Bonus: Mystery Symbol, Progressive Jackpot

About Winstar slot game

Winstar is a 5-reel, 10-payline slot game. Play starts by setting your wager using the + and - symbols at the bottom of the screen. As soon as your wager is set, click the 'Spin' button to start the reels in motion or choose 'Autoplay' to designate the number of automatic spins the game will make for you. Combinations of 2-5 identical symbols, originating from the far left position, means you won. If multiple combinations appear on the same line, only the highest combination is awarded. Winnings are determined by multiplying the value of the combination by your wager for that line. Multiple winnings across different lines are added together to create your total winnings for that spin.

Winstar slot bonus features

Mystery Symbol
You will enjoy more opportunities to create winning combinations when the Winstar Mystery Symbol appears. This animated symbol generates an additional random symbol, which is then displayed along with all of the Winstar symbols currently in play.

Progressive Jackpot
This Jackpot is the one of the biggest that I can bring to you boys! Jackpot King is a Bonus Round that is triggered by finding 5 Golden Crowns on the slot reels. You will then be shown a whole new set of reels, where you will have to find Golden Crowns in order to advance up the Cash Trail. Along your way, you can collect parts of the Kings Treasure, which will give you cash prizes and Free Spins. When you reach the top of the cash trail, you will get to spin the Wheel King Bonus. Here you will win a multiplier of up to 1000x, or maybe even the incredible Jackpot King Progressive!

I bet you’re wondering how the Jackpot King gets so big? Well, 0.13% of each stake is added to a reserve pot. When the Jackpot King is dropped it will reset using the reserve pot. The Jackpot begins with a seed fund which means the Jackpot ends up being funded by the initial seed with an added 0.86% of each stake. Then the final drips of that is the equivalent to 0.13% which is given to the reserve pot.