Top Cat

Play Top Cat the fantastic 5 reel, 20 payline Online slot game where you'll follow Top Cat and the gang getting up to some mischevious deeds to gain big wins. Featuring stacked symbols and 4 Top Cat inspired bonus rounds. During any spin Top Cat and the gang can randomly trigger various mini bonus games.




Min Bet


Max Bet

Bonus: Choo's Piano Wilds, Brain's Water Wilds, Spook's Mice as Nice, Benny's Colossal TVs, Fancy Fancy's Hot Dog, Cash Picker Bonus, Maharaja Heist Bonus, Construction Site Free Spins, Diner Free Spins, Dibble Free Spins

How To Play Top Cat Slot

Click Total Bet to increase or decrease your total bet amount. Bet between 20p and £500 by selecting from the list of available stakes. If a combination of symbols appear on the reels to form a line of 2, 3, 4 or matching symbols on one of the win lines, then you will win. With wins paying from left to right adjacent.


Click the Spin button to spin the reels.


Selecting Autoplay allows the reels to spin automatically up to 25 times. Autoplay will turn off if you acquire Rainbow Respins or the Jackpot King Feature. Press Stop Autoplay to immediately stop any auto play spins you have remaining.

Top cat Online Slot Bonus Features


Wild symbols aid to form win lines by substituting for all symbols except scatter symbols. Only the highest paying win is paid on each line. Available Wild symbols:

- Water Wilds
- Choo Piano Wilds
- Dibble Wilds (single and full reel)
- Hot Dog Wilds

Call or Nothing

Top Cat can appear on the trash can at any point during the game. If this happens there is a chance that Call or Nothing Feature can be triggered. If Top Cat appears he may speak with one of his gang, if this happens you will be awarded one of the following bonus rounds:

Choo's Piano Wilds

Choo walks on to the screen as the reels continue to spin. a piano will fall onto Choo's head, stars then start to float on to the reels transforming symbols into wilds.

Brain's Water Wilds

Brain appears with a fire hydrant next to each reel while the reels continue to spin. He then uses a wrench to loosen each hydrant so they shoot water potentially turning the reel Wild before movinf to the next reel. This feature ends when he has worked through all 5 reels.

Spook's Mice as Nice

The reels stop spinning after a call between Top Cat and Spook. Top Cat then appears from the trash can to blow his whistle, with mice appearing next to each reel symbol, they then jumble to create a winning spin. This continues until Officer Dibble appears on the reels and the player is then awarded the amount won after each jumble.

Benny's Colossal TBs

Benny will appear on the reels as the reels continue to spin. He will be pressing ht ebutton on his remote, making a colossal TV appear which adds a number of TVs to the reels. Once these have been added to the reels, the reels will stop with Benny then pressing the remote to make every TV reveal a mystery symbol.

The Master Plan

Three bonus symbols anywhere in view on reels 1, 3 and 5 initiates the Master Plan feature. No payout is awarded for activating this feature it simply give you entry to one of the bonus rounds.

Fancy Fancy's Hot Dog

A special Hot Dog Wild appears on the 5th reel covering three reel positions. If the Hot Dog Wild lands fully in view on the 5th reel then the Respin Bonus triggers. The Hot Dog vendor will then appear encasing the Hot Dog in his cart. Fancy Fancy appears with a fishing rod causing the reels to respin. After the spin completes Fancy Fancy casts his line to move the cart 1 reel to the left. This will continue until this has moved to the first reel with a respin, where the angry vendor realises and comes to take his cart back, ending the round.

Cash Picker Bonus

Player will be shown a back street scene with a garbage truck driving on to the scene dropping a number of bins for the player to choose from. Each pick reveals a multiplier and the round ends when the player picks Officer Dibble revealing a "Collect" sign.

Maharaja Free Spins

The bonus is split into two parts; part 1 is a multiplier trail up the site of the Hotel and part 2 is a Big Money Board. Player must choose one of the gane to help them advance up the hotel and increase the total bet multiplier. After selecting one of the gang the following outcomes will occur:

Advance 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5

Will make the gang move up the side of the hotel by the corresponding window numbers


Will end the bonus feature and pay the current total bet multiplier.

Big Money Bonus

If the gang reach the top of the hotel the end game is reached. then players are presented with a board layout with the gang and Dibble on the board. A red die will be be rolled for the gang and a blue die will be rolled for Dibble. The further the gang get the bigger the Total Bet multipliers will be. If Dibble catches the gang the bonus ends and the player is awarded the win.

Top Cat Free Spins Bonus

Contruction Free Spins

Revealing the contruction from the Master Plan sheet enables the Contruction Site Free Spins. Screen starts at the top of the 5th reel set. The 5th reel is filled with Wilds. The screen then pans down to four other reel sets, with Wilds also displayed across their reels.

The player begins at the bottom set of reels. The objective of the Free Spins round is to collect Top Cat stickers that appear stuck over the symbols, by collecting a certain amount of stickers the this will then advance the player to the next reel set. The further the player levels up, the more additional wilds will appear on the reels. Free Spins continue until all spins are used. Additional free spins are awarded each time a player levels up a reel set.

Diner Free Spins

On clicking the bonus on the Master Plan sheet a new reel set appears with characters sat at a counter of a diner. Following each spin a special scatter symbol lands anywhere in view on the reel 5, the diner tickets on the right hand side will fall down and the chef will change the plate of food. The number of steps is determined by the number displayed on the scatter symbol. The higher the player reaches up the ladder on the right, the higher the free spins multiplier will increase. Bonus ends when all tickets have fallen away.

Dibble Free Spins

Revealing Dibble Free Spins Bonus symbol on the Master Plan sheet triggers the bonus. During the round a special wild symbol is active on all 5 reels. When any special wild symbol lands on the reels it will act as a standard wild symbol by substituting any symbol other than the scatter symbol, however on every future spin the wild will move across the reels to different positions. When two wild symbols collide on the same position the special wild symbol will expand to cover the reel. This continues till all free spins have played out.

Top Cat Slot Features

Feature Gamble

When a feature is completed the player has the option to collect the feature or gamble to try and more on another feature (except Construction Site Bonus). The player will be presented with 5 features from left to right ranked in terms of average payout. Press To Collect covers the feature the player has won. Press To Gamble appears on the other feature gambles the player can select.

If the player gambles and wins, the feature gambled can be collected, with all smaller paying out features being eliminated. The gamble feature continues until the player collects, or till the player reaches the top paying out feature or the player loses their gamble.

Wheel King

Directs you straight to the Wheel King round.


Ends the and you will be awarded a Bonus Win based on the multiplier of your Total Bet reached on the win ladder.

Wheel King Feature

On entering the Wheel King Feature a Tombola style Wheel featuring Big Win multipler segments and Jackpot King Progressive pot segments. Spin the wheel to win either one of the Big Total Bet multipliers or the Jackpot King Promotional Jackpot.

Jackpot King

This Jackpot is the one of the biggest that I can bring to you boys! Jackpot King is a Bonus Round that is triggered by finding 5 Golden Crowns on the slot reels. You will then be shown a whole new set of reels, where you will have to find Golden Crowns in order to advance up the Cash Trail. Along your way, you can collect parts of the Kings Treasure, which will give you cash prizes and Free Spins. When you reach the top of the cash trail, you will get to spin the Wheel King Bonus. Here you will win a multiplier of up to 1000x, or maybe even the incredible Jackpot King Progressive!

I bet you’re wondering how the Jackpot King gets so big? Well, 0.13% of each stake is added to a reserve pot. When the Jackpot King is dropped it will reset using the reserve pot. The Jackpot begins with a seed fund which means the Jackpot ends up being funded by the initial seed with an added 0.86% of each stake. Then the final drips of that is the equivalent to 0.13% which is given to the reserve pot.