Three Card Poker

The fastest variation of online poker has landed here at Slotto. Players have the option of either entering the Ante Bet or Pair Plus or if players wish, they can enter both.




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Bonus: Ante Bet, Play Bet, Pair Plus Bet

About Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker is well known for being the beginner's version of Poker. If players aren’t familiar or comfortable with the more in-depth renditions, they go to Three Card and rightfully so, this table game is incredibly simple to play but has just as much winning potential as the more complicated variants.

Players simply place a bet on either Ante Up or Pair Plus before being dealt their cards and then look out for one of five potential winning combinations. Which are:

Straight Flush - Players must have Three Cards all from the same suit and in sequence. Example: Five, Six and Seven Of Hearts Three Of A Kind - Players must have Three cards of the same number. Example: Queen of Spades, Hearts and Diamonds

Straight: Players must have Three cards in a sequence. Example: Queen, King and Ace of Spades

Flush: Players must have Three cards of the same suit. Example: Seven, Jack and Queen of Clubs.

Pair: Players must have two cards of the same number. Example: Five of Heart and Diamonds.

If players would like to play Live Three Card Poker we recommend checking out our Live Casino section of Slotto.

How to Play Three Card Poker

Ante Up Bet

If players choose the Ante Up bet they will be dealt out Three cards then be given the option to Play or Fold. Playing will double a players stake and allow them to take on the dealer. When taking on the dealer, there are four possible outcomes.

WIN: Dealer does not have a Queen High or better. Results in Ante Bet paid out at evens and Play bet returned.

WIN: If the dealer has more than a Queen High but is defeated by the player, players double their stake.

DRAW: If the dealer has more than a Queen High and equals the players cards, all bets will be returned.

LOSS: If the dealer plays and defeats the player, both Ante bet and Play bet will be lost.

Pair Plus

Pair Plus does not require the player to face off against the dealer but instead offers out value depending on the player's hand. The winning combinations are the same but the prizes are different. In Pair Plus they are:

Straight Flush - 40/1

Three Of A Kind - 30/1

Straight - 6/1

Flush - 3/1

Pair - 1/1.