Monopoly Slingo

Introducing the best way to play one of everyone’s favourite board games! Monopoly Slingo is a fantastic Slingo Originals game, featuring the popular Monopoly game theme. Packed full of all of the much-loved features of a classic Monopoly game, see if you can take cash straight from the banker by finding as many Slingos as you can and avoiding jail!




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About Slingo Monopoly

Starting with 7 or 8 rolls of the dice, hit the roll button and begin making your way around the board. See how many Slingos you can find as you play Monopoly Slingo. Monopoly Slingo is unlike any other Slingo game as it is played on a classic monopoly board. Like other Slingo games you have a 5x5 bingo grid in the middle, but this time it is made up of Monopoly properties instead of numbers. Roll the dice, land on a property and all cards of the same colour from your grid will turn over. Slingo Monopoly is packed full of bonus features and winning potential. See how high up the Slingo ladder you can make it, landing Chances, Community Chests and the classic Jokers. Be careful you don’t end up in jail, this can take up to three of your rolls! The more Slingos you land, the closer you edge to winning the Full House prize!

How To Play Monopoly Slingo

Begin by selecting a profile, which is choosing from the classic Monopoly pieces. Once you are ready to begin the game, hit the Roll button. The dice will roll and then you will automatically begin moving around the board. The property you land on will cause all of the cards of the same colour on your grid to turn over. Aim to make as many Monopoly Slingos this way by landing rows of five turned over cards. These can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal anywhere on the grid. The more Slingos you find, the higher up the ladder you progress and the bigger your prize will be at the end of the game.

Bonus Spaces

Pass Go

Don’t forget to collect your cash prize as you ‘pass go’. This will accumulate at the ‘free parking’ space on the board and can be collected when you land on it!


Land on a Joker and a random card will be selected from each property set. The cards are then shuffled and you will be moved to the selected property.

Chance and Community Chest

If you land on a chance or community chest space you will have a card dealt from the deck. Some of the bonuses that you can be awarded from this deck include cash prizes, a get out of jail free card or be moved around the board, including jail.


Jail is of course, where you don’t want to be in this game. Land on the ‘go to jail’ space and you will be sent to jail. When you are in jail there are no free rolls added and you must roll a double to escape, otherwise you will be released on your third roll attempt. If you have received a get out of jail free card from a previous spin, this will automatically be used and you will be released.

Monopoly Slingo Free Play Demo

The Monopoly Slingo demo is a great way to try the game with a free play to get a feel for it. All you need to do is register at Slotto to play for free, no deposit required. You can access hundreds of game demos for free once you have registered at Slotto. If you don’t think Monopoly Slingo is the right game for you, we have an enormous range of online Slingo casino games.

Monopoly Slingo Game Review

Monopoly Slingo is an all round fantastic game and a great addition to the Slotto Casino. The game has lots going on, making it interesting and providing lots of opportunities to gain bonuses. The game has been cleverly made to accurately replicate all of your favourite features of a classic Monopoly game but in a true Slingo style. Although this is a Monopoly game, you can expect to see the Slingo characters, such as the Joker in this game which gives it a great Slingo twist which Slingo Original fans will love!

Ways to play Monopoly Slingo and more

You can play Monopoly Slingo and more Slingo Games on the Slotto App on any device, including your smartphone, tablet, iPad or desktop browser. The graphics and design fit any screen size, giving you the added bonus of accessing the game wherever, whenever!

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