Slingo Cascade

Sail the seven seas with this great pirate-themed Slingo game. Can you reach the top of the ladder and win the Jackpot? This game is a mixture between two casino favourites, slot games and bingo. Will you find the treasure and take home Slingo riches?




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Bonus: Free Spins

About Slingo Cascade

Starting with nine spins, see how many Slingos you can find as you play Slingo Cascade. The great pirate theme makes the game more interesting, with the added bonus of cascading Slingos. Slingo Cascade is a mixture of bingo and slots packed full of winning potential. See how high up the ladder you can make it, landing cherubs and free spins along the way to enhance your wins. Be careful of the mischievous devil as he will block numbers out from the reel. The more you land a Slingo, the closer you edge to winning the Jackpot!

How To Play Slingo Cascade

Once you are ready to begin the game, hit the Start Game button. When the reel stops spinning, a set of numbers will appear. The numbers on your card which match with the ones on the reel will be automatically crossed off. To get a Slingo, you must complete a whole row, column or diagonal line of numbers on your card.

Cascading Slingos

Each time you get a Slingo, all 5 numbers will disappear from the grid and new numbers will replace them, giving you more opportunities to win!


Cherubs will mark off between 1 and 5 numbers from the grid to help you make more Slingos.

Free Spins

The Free Spin symbol will gain you 1 Free Spin at the end of the game to give you an extra chance to fill your board.


Devils will block numbers from the reel, stopping you from matching numbers.

Slingo Cascade Free Play Demo

The Slingo Cascade demo is a great way to try the game with a free play to get a feel for it. All you need to do is register at Slotto to play for free, no deposit required. You can access hundreds of game demos for free once you have registered at Slotto. If you don’t think Slingo Cascade is the right game for you, we have an enormous range of online Slingo casino games.

Slingo Cascade Game Review

Slingo Cascade is a great addition to the Slotto Casino, combining slots, bingo and a brilliant game show together, this Slingo game really has it all. The adventurous pirate theme makes the game extra interesting. The addition of cascading Slingos to the game makes the game unique and enhances winning potential.

Ways to play Slingo Cascade and more

You can play Slingo Cascade and more Slingo Games on the Slotto App on any device, or on your smartphone, tablet, iPad or desktop browser. The graphics and design fit any screen size, giving you the added bonus of accessing the game wherever, whenever!

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