Roulette X2

Players can grab double payouts when spinning the Roulette wheel in Golden Rock Studios’ Roulette X2!




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A table game from Golden Rock Studios has landed here at Slotto UK and we are pleased to welcome this modern and stylish Roulette variant to our collection of online casino games. Roulette X2 features a double your winnings multiplier, which means that players can be awarded double valued winning pay-outs without having the odds change! This is an industry first, something we have never seen in a table game before. Players will also have some very low to high staking options, meaning all players can afford to play!

The splendid design impressed us here at Slotto. Players can enjoy a smooth transition from placing the chips on the table to setting the ball away for a spin. For more Roulette games, players might want to check out the classic Player’s Suite Roulette or why not try something different and play Blackjack Perfect Pairs?

How To Play Roulette X2

No matter what Roulette game players choose, the goal of the game is always the same, to anticipate where on the wheel the ball will land. The Roulette wheel consists of 37 positions. 18 of those are red, 18 are black and 1 is green. Before the wheel is set in motion, players have to place their bets. There are numerous ways to place a bet in Roulette X2, players can choose to bet by colours and go either all red or all black, players can bet by number and choose one or several specific numbers to bet on. Players can bet on all odd or all even numbers, high or low numbers, splits and more. For all different betting options we recommend players check out the ‘rules’ and ‘game information’ section, which can be found when clicking the menu button located in the bottom left corner.

Place A Bet

To place a bet, players must first select a chip. The chips displayed on the screen will hold different values. Once players have selected a chip value they must place it on their chosen position on the betting layout. More than one chip can be placed and they don't have to be of the same value.

Remove A Bet

There will be an option for players to remove placed bets from the board. One bet will be removed at a time, starting with the most recent one if players are using the ‘undo’ button. Players can also choose to remove all bets at once with the ‘clear all’ button.


Once players have placed all their bets, it's the spin button that will set the wheel in motion and drop the ball onto the spinning wheel. Once the ball has landed in a position, the winning number will be announced.

Golden Rock Bonus

New to this European-styled Roulette is the Dice Roll Bonus. The Golden Rock Bonus will activate after a winning spin in Roulette X2. Players will be presented with 4 red dice and if all are matched then the winnings will be doubled! The win amount is based on the total bet amount and the type of bet placed.

Slotto Speaks

Here at Slotto we especially enjoyed the high resolution dynamic design Golden Rock Studios has created. Roulette X2 is a straight forward Roulette game suitable for all players, experienced or novice. Here at Slotto we have a range of different online slots and online casino games for our players to explore. If it’s Roulette that you are interested in, why not try a round of Live Roulette?