Relax Roulette

Play Roulette online casino game by gaming provider Relax. This Roulette table game from the Slotto online casino replicates the real deal casino experience, allowing you to test your prediction skills by having your pick at which of the 37 numbers the ball will land on.




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About Roulette

If you’re looking for an enhanced and realistic Roulette table game experience then you will love Relax Roulette. The high definition and 3D environment highlights the immense attention to detail this version maintains.

Roulette is one of the most widely played table games in the world. To be successful in Roulette, it’s a combination of luck and player skill, which makes it such a popular game. This particular Roulette online casino game by Relax is an automated casino game rather than a live casino game. The difference between the two is that live casino games have a live dealer.

How to Play Relax Roulette

Choose the amount you would like to bet by selecting the chip you would like to place from along the bottom of the screen. Place your chips onto the board, betting on which number and/or colour you think the ball will land on. Once you have placed your chips, your total bet amount will be shown in the top left corner of the screen. Hit the spin button and the wheel will begin. Once the ball lands on a number, if you have predicted correctly, your winnings will be added to your balance which can be found in the top left corner of the screen.


This online Roulette game offers a fantastic autoplay feature. If you prefer to play using a predefined betting pattern, click the autoplay button. Select the number of rounds you would like to play, along with your win/loss limits and then hit the start button to initiate the game. Once the number of rounds is completed, the game will automatically stop.

Types of Roulette Bets

Inside Bets

Inside bets are bets which are placed directly on one or more numbers.

Outside Bets

Outside bets are used when you want to place your bet on other propositions such as whether the number will be red/black, odd/even, high/low etc.

Relax Roulette Casino Game Review

This automated Roulette game is an online version of European Roulette which is a brilliant addition to Slotto’s online casino. Designed with high definition graphics and animations, Relax brings you a high-class online casino game.

Ways to play Online Casino Roulette and more

The online Roulette game is designed so that you can experience its 3D, high definition graphics on any device. Not only can you play Roulette on your desktop computer, smartphone or tablet, but on the Slotto App too! Play free on the app, on your smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime.

Live Casino

If you loved the automated table experience, why not try playing Roulette Live in Slotto’s realistic Live Casino. Roulette Live offers you the authenticity of playing with a live dealer, giving you that real casino experience.

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