Realistic Roulette

Keep your eye on the ball in the Realistic Roulette online casino game! This beautifully rendered 3D casino room gives you an amazing virtual experience!




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Realistic Roulette Online Slot Game

Will the wheel spin to a win? That's the question in the Realistic Roulette online casino game! This unique casino experience gives you all the luxury of the casino from the comfort of your own home! What's more is that you can play anywhere, anytime as it is available on desktop, tablet and mobile!

Realistic Roulette Table Bets

Roulette Inside Bets

You can make a bet on up to 6 numbers with this section of bets.

Straight Bet

With a straight bet, you choose one number, and if it comes in, then you can take away 35x your stake!

Split Bet

You can bet on 2 adjacent numbers, which could get you 17x your stake!

Trio Bet

In this case you can bet on three adjacent number, which could see you you win 11x your stake!

Corner Bet

If you choose a corner in the Betting Table, you can bet on the 4 squares around that point, with a win seeing you win 6x your stake!

Six Number Bet

You can choose 2 adjacent rows in the Betting Table, with the chance to take away 5x your stake!

Roulette Outside Bet

With these bets, you're choosing a bigger category but you stand to bring in less - these are 1:1 bets!

Even Bets

When you wager on the Even numbers (0 is not included) you will have a 48.6% chance of winning!

Odd Bets

It you wager on Odds, it's the same with a 48.6% chance of getting the win!

Red Bets

You can bet on Red, and with that you'll have a 48.6% chance of winning!

Black Bets

Make it Black, and the odds are the same (a 48.6% chance of success)!

Low Bets

Choose to bet on numbers 1-18 for and you'll have a 48.6% chance of victory!

High Bets

Again, it's the same as a Low Bet but with the numbers 19-36!

Slotto Speaks - Realistic Roulette

So, honestly speaking, Realistic Roulette - it's a super realistic casino experience! It's a classic Roulette experience, so you know what you're getting! After this, if you want to play more Roulette, why not try some Live Roulette? If you'd rather go with another thing from producer Realistic, you could give Black Ice a play?