Million Cents HD

If you love Vegas-style slots you’ll love Million Cents online slot game. This 20-liner is rich in jackpot winnings and it’s perfect for all levels on slot-gamers. The old casino symbols and old-school reels mixed with modern graphics makes for a refreshing, standout slot for those looking to drop the £10,000 jackpot, just like the old-timers in Sin City.




Min Bet


Max Bet

Bonus: Wild Symbol, Jackpot


Simply begin your first round of Million Cents by deciding on what your wager will be. You can do this by adjusting the bottom left arrows, this is where you will set your coin denomination. By pushing the ‘Bet X Lines’ it will link to your desired number of coins per line. To spin the reels again with the previous bet intact just click ‘Spin’ or hit ‘Bet Max’ to play the total of 5 paylines. There is also an ‘Autospin’ function that allows you to spin the reels automatically. Just sent your total number of spins, however, you can stop the function by clicking ‘Stop’.


With Million Cents online slots the Wild symbol replaces any symbol except the ‘10,0 and 00’ symbols. All winning combinations must be won from the leftmost reels. The Wild symbol is in play on every spin, which raises the probability of you landing a big win.

10 0 00 Symbol

These combinations are only paid at maximum bet. But the huge wins that can be won at the highest end of this slot game must be won on line one, this is the 10 0 0 0 00 combination. You can land a jackpot of £10,000.