Hot Cross Bunnies: Loadsabunny

Hot Cross Bunnies: Loadsabunny is a classic 5 reel, 20 win slot game! Win up to 5000x your stake with the Bunny Money Free Spins Bonus Round!




Min Bet


Max Bet

Bonus: Free Spins, Wilds


Bet Value
Use the Bet Value to select the total Bet Value.

Start Button
Pressing the Start Button will spin the reels for one game round.

Auto Button
Pressing the Auto Button will automatically spin the reel for the chosen amount of rounds.

Information Display
This will show various bits of information at different points throughout the game

Bet Display
This will display the total bet per game round.

Win Display
This will display the total win line payouts.

Paid Display
This shows the player the total paid for a complete bet.

Bonus Rounds

Wild Symbols
The Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except the Bunny Scatter symbol

Bunny Money Free Spins Feature
The Free Spins feature will be awarded when 3 or 4 scatter symbols appear in any positions on the reels. During the Free Spins, any symbol that lands on the win line will light the corresponding symbol on the award table. Light 3,4, or 5 consecutive symbols to win the displayed prize! Light 3,4, or 5 consecutive Bunnies, and you will win Free Spins, or even win the Jackpot! The feature remains until the maximum payout is reached or there are no Free Spins remaining.