Deal or No Deal Live

Live action fans take note. Deal or No Deal Live is a brand-new live casino game from Evolution Gaming that can provide plenty of entertainment. It is modelled after the popular TV game show of the same name. What makes this title different is that you become the game show contestant rather than some random stranger you are watching on TV.




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How to Play Deal or No Deal Live

There are two different segments that make a complete Deal or No Deal Live game. The first segment is the qualifying round. Here you will be spinning the wheel in an attempt to get a number of gold pieces in that wheel to align. Your chances of aligning the pieces quickly are based on the amount of money you bet on each spin.

You only have an allowed amount of time to qualify, but you can spend as many tries as you want during that time. The money you bet goes into the 15 briefcases appearing on either side of your screen. Those briefcases are then taken into the second segment, which is the Deal or No Deal Live main event.

Where the qualifying round is strictly a video-based experience, the main event is live. Through live video and audio, you will play the game as it is managed by a host, assistant, and Banker. The Banker is represented only by a silhouette on the screen – just like the TV game show.

Accepting or Rejecting Deals

The goal of the main event is to work your way through the briefcases until you reach the final one. Hopefully that final briefcase is the highest value briefcase you chose during qualifying. Briefcases are opened in four successive rounds, each of which is followed by an offer from the Banker. You can reject the deal and move on to the next round of briefcases, or you can take the deal and end the game.

Deal or No Deal Live is one of the more unique live casino games on offer. It combines what you most love about online casino games with the popular TV game show format that puts you in the centre of it all. If you have ever dreamed of being a game show contestant, this is your opportunity to make that dream come true.

Play Deal or No Deal Live on PC and Mobile

In terms of actual gameplay, Deal or No Deal Live works in much the same way as any other online casino game. You participate by using the computer-generated graphics that appear on your screen. This particular game features graphics at the bottom of your screen and on both sides.

Deal or No Deal Live is playable on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices including phones and tablets. So whether you prefer to play on a large screen, or want the convenience of being able to play from any location, you are covered with a perfectly optimised experience.