Crazy Time

Play this crazy game show live with Slotto! Crazy Time is a live casino game by Evolution Gaming. Spin the wheel and see if you can uncover major multipliers and be awarded huge wins!




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Bonus: Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, Crazy Time

About Crazy Time Live

Introducing Crazy Time Live, a unique live online game by Evolution Gaming. Place your bets and spin the wheel! Look out for the wheel landing on bonus features as this is where the mega multipliers can be applied! This impressive live game has so much to offer, including 4 different bonus games, not forgetting the 2 reel multiplier slot which is applied to every spin! The interesting graphics are combined with fun live presenters, to make playing this live casino game an authentic and enjoyable experience.

How To Play Crazy Time Live

To play Crazy Time Live, all you need to do is place your bet on the segment you think the wheel will stop at. You can choose from either 1, 2, 5, 10 or one of the bonus game bet spots such as Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip or Crazy Time. The presenter will then spin the 54 segment wheel and if it lands on the segment you have placed your bet on, you win! If it lands on a bonus game, you will automatically be taken to play the bonus game which could mean huge multipliers!

How To Win Crazy Time Live

The aim of crazy time is to predict the segment of the wheel which it will stop at. Bet on the correct segment, and you will win. How much you will win is decided by a combination of how much you bet and multipliers awarded during the game. This game also features bonus games which you can potentially win big on!

What are the Crazy Time Special Features?

Top Slot Multipliers

Each time the presenter spins the wheel, simultaneously, a two reel slot above the wheel will spin. The two reels decide what multipliers will be awarded to the wheel spin and any subsequent bonus games.

Bonus Games

If the wheel lands on a bonus game segment, the corresponding bonus game will be played. There are 4 different bonus games which include Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time.

Cash Hunt consists of a wall of 108 multipliers. If there was a multiplier awarded in the Top Slot, all of the 108 will be multiplied by that amount, covered and shuffled. You will then fire the cannon and whichever multiplier you hit will be awarded.

Pachinko features another multiplier wall where multipliers are displayed in columns at the bottom of the wall. If there was a multiplier awarded in the Top Slot, all of the multipliers will be multiplied by that amount. The puck will be dropped from the top of the wall down to the bottom. Whichever multiplier is landed on will be the multiplier awarded.

Coin Flip triggers a blue and red coin to be flipped, both sides with different multipliers displayed. If there was a multiplier awarded in the Top Slot, both multipliers will be multiplied by that amount. The coin will be flipped and whichever multiplier lands face up will be the one applied to your winnings.

Crazy Time is a 64 segment wheel with 3 flappers and huge multipliers. If there was a multiplier awarded in the Top Slot, all of the multipliers in this bonus game will be multiplied by that amount. Choose from 3 flappers then spin the wheel. Whichever multiplier your flapper lands on is the multiplier you will be awarded.

Crazy Time Live Slot Game Review

Crazy Time is yet another brilliant game provided by Evolution Gaming which gives you that authentic game show experience we are all looking for. With lots of opportunities to win and impressive multiplier potential, this game has it all! With fantastic graphics and design, the best thing about this live game is definitely multipliers awarded with every spin and of course the HD quality of the live game. The Crazy Time game is fully optimised so that you can play it with ease on the Slotto App on your smartphone, tablet, iPad or desktop browser.

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