Relax Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world, and Relax Gaming have created this fantastic solo edition that can be played exactly how you choose. The cards are only dealt when you are ready, in this fully immersive game.




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Blackjack is arguably the most played card game there is, but many are put off live casino versions due to the distractions and time limits placed on making bets. Slotto players will not need to worry about those factors here though, as Relax Gaming have created a version that can be played at your rate. Simply choose the number of hands you wish to play, place your wagers, and deal the cards when you’re ready.

You can play Blackjack on a wide variety of devices, right here at Slotto UK.

How To Play Blackjack Table Game

Before the cards are dealt, select how many hands you wish to use, up to three. Place your desired chip values onto each of your chosen betting boxes, and then choose to deal the cards. Relax Gaming’s Blackjack follows the standard rules of the classic game, in which players try to get closer to a hand value of 21 than the dealer. You can either ‘stand’ on your current hand total, or ‘hit’ for another card. There are also other betting options such as splitting, and doubling down, and these are explained further in the game’s menu.

Blackjack Features

Best Move Indicator

During each round, the Best Move Indicator will underline the option that is mathematically the most likely to yield success. However, as with all instances of probability, there is always a chance of failure. As such, you are free to reject the advice if you so choose.

Slotto Speaks

Table games are an institution when it comes to casinos, whether they’re land-based or online, and Blackjack is one of the most iconic. Relax Gaming’s version offers simplicity and more freedom when it comes to duration of the rounds, without sacrificing any of the traditional immersive elements. The innovative Best Move Indicator function is also useful if you’re unsure which move to make. While we have live versions of Blackjack and other casino games in our collection, you may also be interested in our wide variety of the best online slots, including Gonzo’s Quest.