Big Wheel

Roll up, roll up, try your luck on Big Wheel the 3x3 reel, 1 payline online slot game that features 6 innovative bonus rounds.




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Bonus: Big Wheel Bonus

About Big Wheel Online Slot

Spin the Big Wheel and choose from 6 bonus rounds in this 3x3 reel, one payline slot game.


This will bring up the paytable and help you understand what symbols will pay when on the 1 winning payline.


Click the up arrow to increase your stake and click the down arrow to decrease your stake.


This will allow you to spin the reels automatically without having to touch a button.


this will commence your first game round and spin the reels for one game round.


Click the Nudge buttons to move one of the reels down to create a winning line.

Big Wheel

When the Big Wheel button lights up, click the button to begin the Big Wheel Bonus.

Near Miss

If the Big Wheel symbol is one position away from the central position of the reels you will then trigger the Near Miss feature. When this happens there's a 50/50 chance that the symbol will then mobe down to the central reel position, triggerin the Big Wheel Feature.

Big Wheel Features

Big Wheel

When the Big Wheel bonus is triggered you will spin the wheel and initiate one of the six bonuses mentioned below:

Super Jackpot

Trigger this and you will be given the full 30x jackpot, as well as offering a shot at the Repeat Chance feature. Meaning you could win the Jackpot again for a total of 300x your starting stake.


A light will begin to spin around the outer 8 symbols currently on the reels. Press stop to stop the light on one of the symbols. Whichever the light decides to land on it will then award 3 of a kind in a win.

Roller Coaster

Here you choose a random number of reel steps to light up a number of fruits on the awarding panel. Then you'll be awarded the value of any 3 of a kind winning fruits.

Duck Shoot

Here you'll be given 3 cherries. You must then choose to light up the next reward using your 3 chances. Then just keep playing until you fail to reach the next reward.

Ring The Bell

Trigger this bonus and the reels will all move along one position, every Bell symbol on the reels will then award a prize. You can then choose to move the reels again to acheive another Bell symbol award.

Crazy Reels

Any wins that appear in any direction on the reels will be awarded. The reels can also spin again, with the same amount of added winlines. There is a chance for the Crazy Reels feature to appear during any losing spin in the base game.