Casino Bonuses Explained

Casino Bonuses Explained

When you sign up to play at an online casino, you may find that there are a number of bonuses to choose from. We wanted to give you a quick run-down of what they are and what they mean to you.

These are the most common types of bonuses. They usually involve the casino matching your initial deposit by 50%, 100% or more. So, if you deposit £10, a 50% bonus would see the casino instantly giving you £5 to play with. These usually state a maximum amount of free cash that you can receive, but this varies by casino. At Slotto, you will see that we have a very competitive 100% cash match bonus. So what does this actually mean?

Well, if you deposit £100 in the casino, you will instantly get a free £100 to play with on top of your original deposit. We also provide a very generous maximum bonus of £1,000, so you will be able to instantly double your money to play with up to this amount.

Some casinos have VIP clubs for their loyal customers, but these differ in their quality. At Slotto, we want to reward our best customers, so we’ve put a lot of effort into making ours the best around.

If you play enough at Slotto and get invited to our VIP Club, you will be able to enjoy a huge range of bonuses that other players simply cannot get. These come in the form of cashbacks, exclusive promotions and reload bonuses, so keep an eye out for your invite.

Some casinos also provide special prizes from time to time, and that’s another thing that we like to do at Slotto. For example, we’ve currently got a Late Night Cash Drop coming up, where you can log in between a certain time of the day to see if you have won a share of £5,000. But remember our special promotions change frequently, so keep checking back to see what else pops up.

Slotto is known for having some of the most competitive bonuses online, so make sure you take a good look over these when you decide where you want to play. The great thing is that you have got nothing to lose with our bonuses because there is always something in it for you.

So whether you want to enjoy our generous welcome bonus, or you want to be invited to our VIP Club, start playing now and enjoy all the casino bonus offers today.