Lucky Halloween Review

Lucky Halloween Review

Friday 25th October 2019

Happy Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve as we used to say hundreds of years ago when Halloween first became a tradition. Why we celebrate Halloween and the spookiest traditions are something we’re going to cover more in our next blog post, but we decided to be a little bit sneaky and start our Halloween celebrations one week early.

After a very detailed survey (a quick scout around the Slotto headquarters) we found out that the thing people most like about this festive season is definitely the amount of sweets you can eat without anyone judging. In second place, we have the fact that Halloween is seen as a lead up to Christmas and in third and final place, people said they enjoy playing Halloween related slot games (so cheesy, we know!)

Unfortunately we can’t go trick or treating for you guys, so you are going to have to go sweety hunting yourselves, nor can we bring Christmas any closer, but what we can do for our fellow UK slots players is dig out the best Halloween themed slot games. We’ve scooped together a very detailed review, so get cozy with your pumpkin spice latte and dive into the world of witches, scary bats and trick or treating in the spooktacular online slot, Lucky Halloween.

How to Play Lucky Halloween


Before you start spinning the reels in Lucky Halloween you must choose a wager. This is something you should always do before playing any online casino games here at Slotto. Choosing your stake is simple, have a look in the bottom left corner and you will see the icon ‘stake’. Press the button and pick an amount from the pop up menu, make sure you choose a stake affordable to you. The minimum stake available in this slot is £0.10 and the maximum stake is £100 per spin.


Autoplay, what does it mean and what are the benefits? It’s more down to personal preference to be honest. Playing with autoplay means that you can select an amount of game rounds to play consecutively with your chosen wager. You can pick between 10 and 100 spins to play. There is no actual benefit to the game itself, it's more of a convenience offered to you. However if pressing the spin button before every game play is something you enjoy doing, keep off the autoplay button!


It’s always good to have a quick look at the paytable before you play a slot game. The information you will find in the paytable is stuff like symbol value, paying win combinations and an overview of the bonus features available in the game. Every slot game has a different paytable.

The Pumpkin Biker Features

The Pumpkin Biker feature is one of the reasons we enjoy spinning the reels in this crazy looking slot game! The rather odd looking biker can appear on your reels during any spin and any stake. He is completely random! But even though he is a bit unpredictable he does come with prizes, 4 of them to be exact. Continue reading to see what the Pumpkin Biker can bring to your reels if you choose to play Lucky Halloween here at Slotto.

Special Reels

The Special Reels in Lucky Halloween slot is very special indeed. What will happen is, the crazy looking pumpkin diver will drive across your reels and as he passes he will take away all the low paying symbols currently on your reels and replace them with higher paying symbols. One spin will follow with only the higher paying symbols in place, giving you a chance to land big wins!

Pumpkin Tree

The spooky looking pumpkin tree on the left side of your reel is dotted with Halloween lanterns. Watch out as the Pumpkin Biker rides past your reels and lights up one of the lanterns which will cause a chain reaction and all the lanterns will be lit up. As the flame spreads it will activate some multipliers for instant wins!

Random Wilds

Sensitive viewers are to be warned! The Pumpkin Rider will remove his head and toss it onto the reels! But fear not, as his gesture will actually benefit you, as it will add 6 new Wilds to your reels, the Wilds will sit on your reels for one spin giving you a chance to land many spooky wins.

Mega Wilds

He might not look it but believe us when we say the Pumpkin Rider is a very strong man! As he speeds pass your reel he will deliver a 3x3 Mega Wild symbol to your reel giving you a chance to land some yummy treats!

Special Features

So we have covered the crazy Pumpkin Biker’s rewarding bonus features and in an ordinary slot game that would probably have been it. But this is no ordinary slot game, Lucky Halloween offers 2 additional Bonus Features that can be won by collecting 3 Bonus Symbols over your slot reel.

Free Spins

The Free Spins Bonus will be awarded to you if you manage to land 3 or more Free Spins Symbols over your reels. Once the bonus has been triggered you will be asked to choose from 3 cauldrons to see how many Free Spins you have won.

Full Moon Bonus

The trick or treating never stops in this feature packed slot game. Last but not least we have the Full Moon Bonus and, just as the Free Spins Bonus, it will be triggered if you collect 3 Bonus Symbols over your reels. Once the bonus is triggered you have a mission on your hands. There will be a dark path you must climb, make it all the way to the top for the bonus win of 800x your stake!

Slotto Speaks

With Lucky Halloween available to play you can go trick or treating every day of the year if you so fancy! If you have made it all the way down here you will now know this is no ordinary slot game. With both random triggered Bonus Features from the Pumpkin Rider and 2 Bonus Features triggered from collecting symbols, there is a chance for all slot players to trigger an entertaining Bonus Feature. With Halloween coming up, we would definitely recommend giving this game a go, as it is a perfect themed slot game to celebrate the holiday. If you're looking for more scary slots you might want to check out Lucha Rumble or Mars Attacks slot. Or if after reading this you feel scary slots aren’t really your thing, fear not as we’ve got you covered no matter what type of slot you are looking for, head over to our online slots to see if you can find yourself a favorite. Happy Holidays!