How To Play Reel King

How to Play Reel King

Novomatic's Reel King is a delightful video slot that offers just the right mixture of modern online slots play and classic one-armed bandit style slot gaming. It is one of those rare casino games that seems to push all the right buttons for so many players.

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This game follows a typical 5x3 reel set up with a control panel located just underneath the reels. Along either side are numbered rectangles representing each of the 20 pay lines in the game. You will note that as you land winning combinations, lines are drawn across the screen between those numbers. This helps players better understand how the paylines flow.

Reel King Game Theme and Symbols

Reel King's theme is a bit difficult to peg down. There is the obvious reference to royalty, but beyond two crowns at the top of the screen, a joker's hat, and a fleur de lis wallpaper background, there's not much else to tie this game to kings and queens. But that's okay, remember that Reel King also incorporates some elements of classic 1950s era slots.

For example, some of the symbols are fruit symbols, which are certainly a blast from the past and include things like cherries and plums. There are also playing card symbols from 10 through Ace, which make up the lower paying symbols. There is even a symbol depicting a bag of gold with the word 'Jackpot' printed over the top; this is the highest paying symbol in the game and pays 5x when you land five of them on an active payline.

In a nod to the one-armed bandits, the reels in this game are standard white with an opaque background. The only bit of wallpaper you can see through the reels is in the small spaces between them. Symbols are outlined against the white background, just like they would have been back in the 1950s.

Working the Controls in Reel King

The control panel in Reel King is located just underneath the reels. Note that Novomatic has updated it in recent years, but the same basic principles apply except for the Autoplay feature.

You have 20 paylines to work with, and you can adjust the number you want active for each spin by using the + and ā€“ symbols in the control panel. You can also determine how much you want to wager on each active payline by using the + and ā€“ buttons associated with the appropriate control. Here's what you need to know about the two controls:

The paylines control lets you increase or decrease active paylines one at a time. The line bet control works based on a number of presets. Clicking the + and ā€“ buttons moves you through those presets until you find the one you want.

The remaining buttons in the control panel are as follows:


This is the button you click to initiate automatic spinning. More on that later.


The 'Paytable' button opens a window with information about paylines, symbol values, etc.


Activate the Gamble feature by clicking this button.


The Start button is used to initiate a single spin.

The biggest change from standard slots within the control panel is found in the Autoplay feature. Rather than choosing the number of automatic spins you want, Reel King now makes automatic spinning an ongoing thing. Click the 'Autoplay' button and the reels will automatically start spinning without requiring you to do anything else.

Automatic spinning continues until one of three things happens: you click the 'Stop' button, bonus play is triggered, or you run out of credits. If none of those conditions are met, automatic spinning will continue in perpetuity. So you have to remember to click the 'Stop' button if you want to manually force automatic spinning to stop.

The Reel King Feature

Reel King offers two bonus features: the Gamble feature and the Reel King feature. Note that just like the interface, the Reel King feature has been upgraded in online casino form. It is a feature you do not have to do anything to trigger as it does so randomly at various points throughout the game.

When active, you will see a mini slot machine appear at the centre of the screen. That machine will automatically spin and default to three Lucky 7 symbols that generate an automatic win. It continues to spin automatically until a black diamond symbol shows up. When that happens, bonus play ends and you return to standard play.

The redesigned Reel King feature has both the good and bad points. As for the Gamble feature, it is pretty typical, as it allows you to gamble any winnings you earn on a single spin on an all-or-nothing wager. The wager is a 50-50 bet, so you have equal shots of both winning and losing.

So that's just about everything you need to know to start playing Reel King. Enjoy the game! When you register as a member here at Slotto you can play Reel King in a demo version or a real game. All our members have access to over 300 slots and online casino games on our site!