Christmas Life Hacks

Christmas Life Hacks

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Or is it?

Here at Slotto we know that there is more to life than new online slots and casino games. We also understand that life can be hectic sometimes, there are jobs to do, households to run, kids to look after, families to love, food to cook, exercise, social life, hobbies, school runs; yikes, the list never stops! As a crazy curveball someone decided to throw Christmas into the mix! With Christmas come presents, the sudden expectation to cook dinner for 25 people, decorate a tree in your living room, have scented candles everywhere, dress in silly xmas jumpers, eat pigs in blankets and more!

Phew, we got a bit exhausted just writing that.

But fear no more, fellow Slotto players, thanks to the team here at Slotto’s headquarters we have got the list you need to survive and actually enjoy Christmas! Because that’s what it’s all about, to enjoy time with your family and friends, to surround yourself with people you love and cherish. So here we go, here are Slotto’s Christmas life hacks to help you enjoy the upcoming holiday season!

The Christmas Dinner

According to the British Turkey information service at least two thirds of the people in the UK are cooking a traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. If you are one of them, how many times have you found yourself stressing in the kitchen while your guests enjoy the festive fun? Not this year! Check out these top Christmas hacks:


Do your food shop online! Finish your list and pop your order in as soon as you can as popular items and the best delivery slots get taken quickly. Ordering your food and other things will save you so much time, time that you can spend enjoying the lead up to Christmas and also, maybe even try a few Christmas slots such as Jingle Bells and Santa’s Spins?


We all buy a lot of food to enjoy over the festive period but there is no point in buying all that food if you have nowhere to store it. So have a clear-out of your fridge, freezer and cupboards and make sure you’ve got room to store all the food. At the same time, check what you’ve already got. You might find 3 jars of cranberry sauce, mustard, chutney and all sorts that you can check off your list straight away. Also clear all unnecessary kitchen equipment off your worktops to make space for preparation.


It’s all about the timing! Make as much as you can in advance, freeze or refrigerate any food you’ve already prepped. On the actual day, don’t take on too much and accept help from your family and your guests. Allocate the jobs that need doing and you will soon find that the time spent in the kitchen can actually be enjoyable.

Christmas Decor

The Christmas decorations contribute to a great atmosphere and give a nice touch to our homes, but do you have to break the budget in order to decorate your home? Absolutely not! Check out these tips:

Gingerbread Cookies

Making gingerbread cookies? Make some more and use them as decoration. Turn them into ornaments that will last for years with three coats of varnish or poke a hole in them and use them as a garland.

Reusable Advent Calendar

Instead of buying a new advent calendar each year, make your own! Grab a bunch of socks and attach them to a string using pegs. You can fill your socks with whatever you like, sweets, gifts or even a handwritten note with a fun activity to do together! Your homemade advent calendar can also feature as a great Christmas decoration!

DIY Cookie Boxes

Homemade cookies (or store bought) are an excellent gift for teachers, co-workers, neighbours and friends, but it’s always a struggle to find suitable wrapping for them. Here’s our tip: decorate empty cling film/aluminium foil boxes or for bigger cookies, decorate an empty Pringles tub!


Oh the gifts, such an important part in many people's opinion. But is there a way to ease the pressure? Slotto tells you how:

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead and set a budget. It sounds so boring but it’s actually proven that doing so will release the pressure and the stress many people feel before Christmas. Write a list of everyone you want to buy gifts for and what to get them. Also if you are buying for family members, decide on how much you should spend. It’s maybe not the nicest conversation to have, but it will be reassuring for everyone knowing you all spend a similar amount of money and you can agree on an amount that's suitable for everyone.

Gift an Experience

Instead of going out buying presents for everyone, sit down and think of things you could do together! If it’s your parents, then maybe you could take them out for dinner instead, maybe you could find an activity to do with your partner rather than exchanging gifts. Maybe you could take others to the cinema, or a musical, or just an outdoor adventure. Just write out the activity on a nice card and we are sure your gifts will impress on the big day!

The Gift Game

Probably our best Christmas life hack ever! It might take some time to convince your family and friends but once you get into it, it will be a life saver! So many of us have a lot of people in their life they would like to buy presents for, and buying a gift for each and every one can be exhausting and our wallets might not even allow it. With the gift game you and your family will all get a gift, you will save money and you will have a great time together!

What You Need

2 dice


1-3 gifts per person


- Decide together how many presents each contestant should bring and how much they should cost.

- 1-3 presents each is a good idea with an individual value of £5, £10 or £20. All presents should be suitable for everyone, so don't buy a gift for a specific person.

- Sit around a table and place all gifts in the middle of the table.

- Take turns to roll the dice, the youngest person starts. If a player manages to land the same number on both dice the player gets to pick a gift from the pile on the table.

- Continue to roll the dice until all gifts on the table have been picked.

- Once all gifts are picked, set the timer on 10-20 minutes depending on how many players you have. The timer shouldn’t be visible to anyone.

- Now start again, this time the oldest person starts and each time a player lands two of the same number the player gets to take one gift from a player of his choosing.

- When the timer goes off, all gifts in your possession are yours to keep and now it’s time to open them to see what you have won!

To make this game a little bit more fair and to make sure everyone gets at least one gift, you can, at the end of the game before all the presents are unwrapped, make the players with the most gifts give one of theirs to the player who ended up with none. It is Christmas after all, guys.

Here at Slotto we hope that all our players have a wonderful Christmas spent with family and friends. In the coming weeks leading up to Christmas you can expect a few in depth game reviews from us. We are going to look closer at the online slots games Reel King and Vikings Go Berzerk, we are also going to dive into the subject of ‘Christmas traditions’ to see what they’re all about. Until next time, all the best!