British Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

We are nearly there guys, it's the last week before Christmas and we are sure you all are all busy preparing for the big day. Here at Slotto we welcome all different Christmas traditions no matter where they originate from. If you are eating mince pies dressed up as a Swedish Lucia whilst waiting on Der Weihnachtsmann (German for Father Christmas) that is absolutely cool with us! To bring some Christmas spirit to our online slots, we wanted to share with you some traditions that originated here in the UK.

If you are a complete Grinch and don’t like Christmas at all, we are not judging. Just head straight to our online casino games where you will find entertaining slots to play. Just make sure you stay clear of the Christmas slots like Santa Spins and Jingle Bells.

Letters To Santa

This is more a tradition for children, but as we mentioned we are not judging, so if you want to write a letter to Santa, go for it! Many countries have a tradition to write letters to Santa but here in the UK we have taken it one step further, as the tradition says to burn the letters in the fireplace so the ashes fly up the chimney and Father Christmas will read the smoke. Our first thought is health and safety, so it may be best to stay clear of the burning of the letters? We’re sure Santa can read normal letters as well!


We all love a stocking don’t we! What isn’t to love about a giant sized sock that will be filled with a simple present, also known as stocking fillers! The British tradition is actually to hang these by the end of the bed and hope they will be filled by the morning, but these days we think many have followed the American tradition and hang the stockings over the fireplace instead.


No, we are not talking about crispy snacks here. These crackers are shaped as a large sweet with a hidden treasure inside. We say treasure, but what you can expect is usually a small plastic toy, a magic trick, a terrible Christmas joke and of course the most important thing, the paper crown! The paper crown is mandatory to wear, it has been a tradition since the early 1900s!

Christmas Dinner

This may be the most important part for many, the Christmas dinner! Of course everyone is different and each family will serve their favourites, but the tradition says that a Christmas dinner should begin with a seafood starter, like a prawn cocktail or something similar. For the main meal, turkey is served, with goose and duck sometimes served as well, but for the main it’s roasted turkey served with stuffing. With the turkey comes a bunch of vegetables like carrots, parsnips and sprouts (you either hate them or love them). Many people also serve broccoli and cauliflower. You can go the extra mile and turn your ordinary cauliflower into a cauliflower cheese which, quite surprisingly, goes nicely with the gravy. To go with your turkey you have mini-sausages wrapped in bacon, also known as pigs in blankets. To top this massive meal off you have both mash and roasted potatoes, cranberry sauce, bread sauce, mint sauce, mustard, apple sauce, yikes! If you are not stuffed after a traditional British Christmas dinner, we don’t know what to say!


We must admit, before writing this we had never heard the word before, but apparently it means ‘good health’ or ‘be healthy’ and it’s used to describe our traditional mulled drink! There are different ways to serve it, you can serve it as a hot cider, but it’s most common to make it with a base of wine. Did you know that mulled wine was originally topped with pieces of bread to soak up the liquid? We are glad that tradition went out the window! These days it's more common to mix the mulled wine with various fruits and spices.

Mince Pies

The mince pie has been a part of British Christmas traditions since the 13th century. When crusading knights returned home they brought new exciting spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg from around the world. The spices were added to pies, together with dried fruit, suet and minced meat, but by the 19th century the recipe had become sweeter and the pies themselves had become more bitesize, which is how we know mince pies today.

Royal Christmas Message

In 1932, George V started this tradition by sending out a Christmas message to the public. Since then this tradition has stayed with us and today the Queen gives a speech to the nation on Christmas Day at 3pm.

Merry Christmas From Slotto

We know you guys have lots to do preparing for the big day, so we will keep it nice and short this week. We would just like to wish all of our members the happiest Christmas. We hope you all have a wonderful time however you choose to celebrate. If you have some spare time and would like to play a few slots, we recommend trying out our newest additions Pillars of Asgard and Frozen Fortunes.

Merry Christmas!