Black Friday

Black Friday

This will come as a surprise to absolutely nobody, but Black Friday originates in the USA. Did you know that in the 1950s, people began to call in sick the day after Thanksgiving to get a head start on their holiday shopping and catch all the good deals before everyone else could? So many people actually called in sick that business in America added Friday as another paid holiday. In the 1960s, Philadelphia Police started to use the term Black Friday to describe the traffic jams that occured after Thanksgiving. Later on, the retail industry wanted to turn the slightly negative Black Friday term into something positive. Black Friday is now used to reflect on retailers’ success as the day after Thanksgiving is one of the most profitable days of the year.

Black Friday became trendy in the UK between 2010-2013. It has gradually built up and in 2014 Black Friday was the peak pre-Christmas online sales day. From 2015 to the present day, retailers began to launch their sales in the days leading up to Black Friday, giving shoppers a few more days to catch a good bargain. Some shops now open up their doors as early as 6am! Do you do any shopping on Black Friday and if so, would you set your alarm to be at the shops for 6 o’clock in the morning?

We all know that Black Friday can be a little bit hectic sometimes and make people do strange things. After some research we have found a few Black Friday fails we strongly advise our Slotto members to avoid.

Black Friday Don'ts

£2 Bath Towels

We understand that people are queuing to get the best deals or to grab an item they’ve had their eye on whilst stocks last, but you have to draw the line somewhere. A couple were spotted waiting 14 hours outside a store just to buy a bunch of £2 bath towels.

The Snoozer

One man decided to take a quick nap before meeting his friend at 2am to grab a few Black Friday deals, but accidentally slept through until the next morning. A bunch of missed calls and voicemails later, the man woke up, only to realise he had missed the sale entirely.

The Wrong Door Man

One man camped outside a store for 3 days to grab himself a longed-for Black Friday deal on a TV. When the door finally opened, he went straight for the TV section, only to realise they were all gone. There had been a separate entrance for the TV section and the man had camped outside the wrong door.

Running Errands

Maybe don’t run errands on Black Friday. An older lady with her walker went into a store to buy batteries for her cordless phone. She asked the cashier “is the mall always this busy?”

Black Friday Do’s

Now, when we have learnt a few Black Friday don’ts, we thought it would be nice to share some positive Black Friday incidents as well.

Sandwich Man

A customer overheard the manager at a store telling the employees that the store was too busy for anyone to take a lunch break. The customer felt so sorry for the employees he actually left the store, only to come back with sandwiches and drinks for the staff.

A Black Friday Miracle

A woman had camped out all night to buy a laptop for school that was reduced to £299. She arrived at the laptop section only to find that it was sold out before she had a chance to buy it. When she realised her only other option was a £499 laptop which she couldn't afford she began to cry. Then, another stranger in line turned around and said “I knew I brought so much cash for a reason”. The man wordlessly handed the woman £200 and walked away.

Slotto Celebrates Black Friday

In Sweden there’s a saying, “lagom är bäst”, which basically means that not too much and not too little is the best way, and when it comes to Black Friday we couldn’t agree more! Getting yourself a great deal on an item or service you really want is absolutely fantastic, but queueing for days for items you may not really want or need, or just buying items because there is a discount is where we think the line should be drawn.

For a successful Black Friday week we have got some top tips for you guys:

Write A List

Make a list of items or services you really want or need and stick to that list throughout your Black Friday shopping. This is a great chance to tick some items off your Christmas shopping list or to just treat yourself to something you have been wanting for a while - all at a better price. But do remember, you are not saving money if you are buying items you don’t need.

Don’t Be Impulsive

Don’t buy things just because there is a discount. Ask yourself, do I really want/need this item? (stick to your list).