Slingo Games

What is Slingo?

Slingo is a brilliant hybrid invention which crosses the excitement of the slot game reels with marking off numbers on a bingo card. Slingo really is the online casino game lover’s dream. Slingo games are played on a 5x5 grid which resembles a 75 ball bingo card. You will see the slot reels below the grid in a slightly different format to normal slot games. Only one space on each reel will be visible. The aim of Slingo is to complete the grid using the numbers which are produced from spinning the reels.

Slingo is no new phenomenon. You may have heard of ‘Slingo Bingo’ or ‘Slingo Slots’ due to the mixture of the two popular casino games; slots and bingo. The concept dates back to the ‘90s, a couple of years before online casinos became a thing. Now here we are 25 years later offering Slingo games to you with the benefit of the cutting edge Slotto technology, allowing you to play these fantastic games on your desktop, mobile or tablet. Play Slotto Slingo games with high quality design and visuals, wherever and whenever suits you, making Slotto one of the best Slingo sites in the UK.

How to Play Slingo

Slingo is a brilliantly simple but fascinating concept which anyone can pick up pretty quickly. All you have to do is spin the reel at the bottom of the bingo grid with the aim to match the numbers you land on the reel with the ones on your bingo card. The reels display your bingo numbers along with some other symbols including the Joker, the Super Joker, and Free Spins. Find out more information on the ‘Slingo Lingo’ below.

1. Once you are ready to begin the game, hit the Start Spin Button.

2. When the wheel stops spinning, a set of numbers will appear. The numbers on your card which match with the ones on the wheel will be automatically crossed off.

3. To get a Slingo and win bonuses, you must complete a whole row, column or diagonal line of numbers on your card.

The Slingo Lingo

Slingo is a lot of fun and easy to learn, with a huge variety of Slingo games to choose from. Get to know your Slingo Symbols and their meanings and you’ll be a pro in no time! You can enhance your wins by bagging a Slingo Bonus from the reel:

Slingo: To get a Slingo you must cross out straight lines on the grid including rows, columns and diagonal lines.

Jackpot: You win the Jackpot if you cross out all of the numbers on the grid. This is otherwise known as a ‘full house’.

The Joker: The Joker acts as the Wild symbol which you would find in a normal slot game. This is a great symbol to look out for as it can be used to mark off any number in the column above.

The Super Joker: The Super Joker is similar to the Joker however this wild can be used to mark off any number on the whole grid.

Coin: The Coin symbol can bag you an instant cash prize! With these boosts you can win a bonus of up to 0.2x your stake.

Free Spin: The Free Spin symbol will gain you 1 free spin at the end of the game to give you the extra chance to fill your board.

3 or more Jokers/Super Jokers: Landing 3 or more Jokers or Super Jokers can bag you an instant cash prize!

Devil: The Devil is the symbol to avoid as it blocks all potential matches.

Where can I play Slingo?

You can play Slingo right here in the Slotto Casino, from your desktop computer, mobile phone or ipad. Slotto offers you Slingo Mobile, where you can play on the Slotto App. Easily deposit by phone to play Slingo or, if you’d prefer, use Slingo free play with no deposit on the Slingo demo after registering. The graphics and design features are adjusted perfectly to fit small to large screens, giving you the added bonus of accessing the game wherever, whenever!

How is Slingo different?

Slingo is a very unique online game which crosses two casino favourites; bingo and slot games. Mixing 2 games creates a different game but still appeals to the same players who are interested in Slots and/or Bingo. You have control of spinning the reel to retrieve your bingo numbers and you can play Slingo Multiplayer which is a feature that normal slot games do not offer. Much like a traditional bingo game, a Slingo player will advance by filling up their bingo card however, Slingo provides more opportunities to win than normal bingo games, because of its unique slot reel asset.

Which is your favourite Slingo game?

Choose from the best Slingo games featured in the Slotto casino. We have lots of new slingo games released on Slotto regularly. We have fantastic Slingo originals such as Deal or No Deal Slingo, Slingo Rainbow Riches, Slingo Centurion, Monopoly Slingo and many many more favourites.

Slingo Free Play Demo

The Slingo free play demos are a great way to try the game for free with no deposit to get a feel for it. All you need to do is register at Slotto to spin for free, no deposit required. You can access hundreds of game demos for free once you have registered at Slotto. If you don’t think Slingo is the right game for you, we have an enormous range of online slot games. Check out the promotions page for the latest free spins offers and more!